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12 years ago Slow replication?

Has anyone who has upgraded to seen a change in replication to offsite storage. Mainly sql cients?  I upgrade my master and so far about half of the clients ranging from web servers, file servers, sql servers and exchange to and it seem that the sql .6 clients take for ever to replicate. 

3 sql servers are still on and lastnight one of the replication jobs sent 25gb in 2 hours.   

3 other sql servers on so far have replicated 2.5gb and have been running for 3 hours and is only showing 25% complete.  This has been the case since i upgraded a few weeks ago. 

I have to bounce the media and master server which causes the job to fail and once everything is back up and the job retries it runs like a champ.  This only last  for about 2 days and then i have reboot everything again. 

The connection to my offisite storage is 100mb and is dedicated just for this traffic so i know its not a bandwidth issue.

The replication is from two 5200 appliances but didnt seem to appear until the upgrade so that is why i am posting this here. 

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  • I haven't heard anything since came out, but this sounds like something for which you would want to open a case.  We'll probably want to get some logs from your and clients to compare (or use for an escalation).

  • Thanks chris,

    I acutally opened up a case last week on performance issue with my appliance because it appeared the cleanup jobs were freezing the appliance.  But I am starting to think that was just a coincedence and the real issue is this sql replication (AIR) causing it.

    I have emailed support with my new thoughts to see what they may say.

    After I posted about this i decided to go ahead and reboot the media and master but it didnt solve anything.  So far the replication job has transferred 777mb in 2 1/2 hrs. 

    I have since had several replications jobs kick off because of mid day backups and some of they show they sent 2-8gb in 15 mintues. Of course this is optimized and deduped but the sql should be the same way.

    I will follow up if support finds anything unusual.