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11 years ago

Accelerator works for off-host Cloned volume?

Could you see the attached PPT file first?

In case of off-host backup, there should be a time rug between clone created time and backup start time.

When the new file created between  clone created time and backup start time, those files will be missed at next backup

because those files were created before last backup start time.

Is there any setting to avoide this gap?


In case of normal incremental backup, I can set DeltaOffset or TimeOverlap to avoide this cap to privent miss the files.

Is DeltaOffset or TimeOverlap effective for this concern?



Masami Katsuno

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  • That power point is in Japanese - Sorry can't read !!

    A certain miss of files will always happen during file system backups. Files created during backup but on a location backup already has read will so to say be missed until next backup windows.

    if the backup is short the "miss" will be relative small, however if the backup duration is days the "miss" will be greater.

    Don't know if this answer you're question :-)

  • Nicolay,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    Sorry, I have attached the wrong PPT. I rivised the attachment.

    Unfortunately, your answer is not the one I expected. Sorry.

    Could you check the attached PPT again?




  • The alternate host will keep the change track log, not the source system. 

    For that reason, I believe that File [2:00] will be backed up on day 2.

    This theory should be easy enough to verify in Symantec's test labs, right?

  • Am not sure that accelerator is supported on off-host snapshots. I recall something from the deep pit of my mind - somewhere. But I may be wrong.

  • Marianne,


    What does "Symantec's test labs" ?

    Is there an internal shared Lab. to veryfy the solutions?




  • My assumption was that as a Symantec Employee you would have access to Symantec's test labs... 

    Maybe you need to speak to management in your local office?