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4 years ago

Activity Monitor refresh stops after some time

I have been noticing this since 8.3 that the automatic refresh of the Activity Monitor stops after some time. As this was in my test domain, I didn't bother much earlier but now that I'm upgrading my prod domain next week, it will be an issue all the time. Currently, I'm running version 9 in the test domain where I see the issue happening.

What happens is that when the Admin console (installed on my laptop/win10) has been open for several minutes (I haven't timed this as there are only a few jobs which run at 3am), the Activity Monitor does not refresh. Neither scheduled jobs or manually submitted jobs (backup or restore) showup on it. For now, the workaround is to restart the console.

I monitored the bpjava-susvc log on my laptop and submitted a job after about 20min of opening the console. It did not appeared on the Activity Monitor.

Also, the behaviour does not happen for the production doamin consoles (from my laptop/win10) - version 8.2.

Any suggestions? Or should I open a case for this?




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    Disclamer: I have NO experiene with any of these versions.

    The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe the Auto Refresh is disabled for some reason?

    Is the 'Automatically resfresh' setting still available under View -> Options?

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      Yes, it is available. Still looks the same as earlier and Auto Refresh is enabled. The 60s refresh rate is reflected in the bpjava-susvc log file as it shows polling every 60 seconds... even after the Auto Refresh stops working!

      Initially, after opening the Activity Monitor, the refresh works fine. I tried 20min after opening the console, and it did not refresh.

      NB: my bpjava-susvc logging level is default


  • X2Did you tried using modern webui yet ?

    I have both versions iin my labs but i didnt faced any of those issues. my both labs running RHEL 8.

    What OS for Master you have ?


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      pats_729 Yes, webGUI is working. It has imporoved quite a lot since 8.3. However, I expect the Java GUI to work 100% till the webGUI is 100% compatible with JavaGUI.

      Master is running RHEL 7.9. RHEL8 on master/media wasn't support when I last checked earlier in Jan. The upgrade is in our plans as soon as support is officially available.

      I will try running the Java GUI on the Windows 2016 media server and see if the issue occurs on it also.