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19 years ago

add new media

Is there a command line (or gui command) in netbackup 5.0 (for win) for add a new media in master server? I have not a robotic library and therefore I have not media with bar code...

thank's a at all

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  • Thru GUI
    Go to Media and Device Management > Media in the NB console
    RIght click " Media"
    Click on "New Volumes"
    Select the proper information from the resulting window. Thats it.

    Thru CLI
    vmadd -m -mt dlt -rt none -p 1
    m - media ID
    mt - media type
    -rt - Robot type (None in your case)
    -p - pool number (determined by vmpool -listall )

    Valid medai type for Netbackup Enterprise
    4mm, 8mm, 8mm2, 8mm3, dlt, dlt2, dlt3, dtf, hcart, hcart2, hcart3, odiskwm, odiskwo, qcart, 4mm_clean, 8mm_clean, 8mm2_clean, 8mm3_clean, dlt_clean, dlt2_clean, dlt3_clean, dtf_clean, hcart_clean, hcart2_clean, hcart3_clean.

    Refer to
    for command references

    !!!Hope this helps!!!
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