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8 years ago

AIR (automatic image replication) using NAT-ed IPs


I need your support on this:

We are configuring AIR (automatic image replication) between Main and DR site, so no client backup will be done between site.

Kindly advise if we can configure AIR between sites using NAT-ed IPs, if just master servers will communicate with each other.



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  • First thing to understand about AIR is that is not the masters communicating, but the storage servers which usually is located on the media server(s).

    In general NAT and Netbackup does not play well together, but can some times be made to work by using host files or dns aliases. Do be aware this probably not a supported solution in Veritas's view.

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      In mycase the Master servers will be acting as media servers also, because they are connected to Data-Domain Appliances.replication will be done through data domain (D2D)

      I did a lot of searches but i didnt find any doc about AIR & NA, 

      if it worked now do i will face any problems later or if I want to open a support SR ??



  • You might be able to get this to work, but NAT is generally unsupported.  You may run into issues if you log a support case and it involves the networking configuration causing the problem.  Support won't hang up on you, but it may quickly get to a point where they tell you to un-NAT it and go from there.

  • I thought I would add a late comment just for reference.

    I managed to make this work with hosts file entries for the AIR-reverse-target server using the NAT address. Remeber to have both short and FQDN names in the hosts file entry. Check the MSDP log/spad/replication.log for details and troubleshooting.