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8 years ago

Appliance 5240 configuration

Hi all,

I want ask you a suggestion, I m configuring an appliance with two different backup lan tagged, I suppose vlan_bckA and vlan_bckB. The question is

1. configuring only one Storage server and one DiskPool and configure the /etc/hosts on media server to reach needed vlan

2. configuring two Storage server "hostname-vlan_bckA" and "hostname-vlan_bckB" with two DiskPool and don't use the /etc/hosts

thank you very much

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  • Hi Stucci !

    you'll configure one Storage Server only. You cant have more than one msdp/puredisk pool on one appliance.


    - What does you mean with "configure /etc/hosts to reach needed lan" ? Hopeful both lans are not in the IP-Subnet.

    - This 5240 will act as media server ? What are the interfaces of the other servers ? (Master if exist other media server) ?

    - What version of Netbackup are you using?




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      hello guys sorry for delay...

      Hello tunix2k, only one MSDP for storage server I agree, but I can configure for example two different Storage Server with two MSDP.

      STS_appliance1-bk01 - DP_appliance1-bk01

      STS_appliance1-bk02 - DP_appliance1-bk02

      I used before this configuration and work fine, but maybe not the best configuration.

      Now, I configured the new appliances with only one STorage Server and one MSDP. The appliance have 3 network, backup, replication and public/management.

      Trough the etc/hosts I present the appliance between them on replication lan, all work fine and I think that is the best solution.


      ciao e grazie mille

  • Hello

    My take is you want only one storage server (of kind, msdp or adv) per NBU app... I would not configure more, to have better dedupe rate, space management etc... so configure as described in 1st point.