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15 years ago

back up via fibre

Hi all


i'v netbackup server (solaris 10 sparc) 3 client 10 (sparc) one fibre TL  all connected to the switch.

in the client i configured each client like a media server and i share the the drive of the TL.

when i configured the netbackup 6.5 for SSO the back up still going through the LAN.

and when i  Execute the scan command. The scan output shows the robot and the drive properties:
*********************** SDT_TAPE ************************
*********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************

but the folowing is missing *********************** SDT_OPTICAL ************************  !!!

- the client needs SAN media server license to be installed ?
- or is some thing is missed in my installation ??

thnx for your help.

  • If you have installed NBU Standard client then backup via FC will not happen...

    For taking backup throught SAN (LAN Free backup) you will need to have Enterprise Client license and SSO license. There are per host licenses.

    After doing this you will need to create / configure storage unit for each Enterprise client and assign that storage unit to respective servers.

    NOTE: Enterprise Client are as similar as Media Server just a difference is they can only backup its own data through SAN. You cannot assign their storage units to other standard clients.

    I have listed above things keeping in mind that you have already shared a tape library to NBU master other servers by creating zones.

    Hope this clarifies... let me know if I have misread your post as well... :)

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