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13 years ago

Backing up to NFS

My question is if it is possible to backup the server to the Quantum disk which has been configured as NFS.

As per what i understand, Quantum can be configured as either NFS or OST in the initial configuration. It (Quantum DXi 6700) has been configured as NFS and cannot be used as OST. how I chould configure it in NetBackup to backup the server.

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  • I would NOT recommend this - an NFS mount has overheads (due to how NFS works) and you will not get good performance.

    I had a customer do this against my advice, we couldn''t get any speeds above 70 MB/s - due to 'NFS' overhead.

    To answer your question, if it is an NFS mount this will appear (for example if unix) as a mounted filesystem, eg ... /my_dxi_disk

    This in theory, could be configured as any other disk, eg, create a basic disk STU.


  • How this be for Windows. I am not too familier with NFS, so does it have to be CIFS share drive in windows or it will be seen as a local drive. Can you please give me some more details about how to use it and what are the all options?

  • Please speak to your Quantum reseller to advise you on the best application for your environment.

    With OST you can do 'application aware' (NetBackup) optimized replication between sites as well as 'direct path to tape'.
    To use OST, you will need NBU Enterprise Disk license.

    Regarding CIFS share: Your DXi user guide will have instructions on how to setup the CIFS storage server.
    In NBU you will add a Basic Disk STU with UNC path in the "Absolute pathname" field.