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18 years ago

Backup comparisons

I logged into a remote Brightstor-Arcserv install to help out. This is my third time to touch the product. I got a look, helped with a restore, and now helped to get their drives back. So far I am much happier with Netbackup. Netbackup seems to have a more powerful cli, gui and better support folks. I have not had much of a look, but that is my take so far.
Anyone else use this or other products much?

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  • Yeah, with my experience with ARCServe, it's a crappy product. However you can't really compare ARCServe to NetBackup. Try comparing it with Backup Exec (with Backup Exec a clear winner over ARCServe in my opinion).
  • Well I just got off the phone after trying to call for ARCServe support. After 8 PM eastern time you have to have a credit card # even if you have a support contract. What the heck.