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5 years ago

Backup DFSR

Hello !

I'm reading technote 

I need some clarification about our new configuration. We have 2 Windows Server configured to replicate users folders through DFS-R. We use an alias CName to fix one active server.

1) Is it possible to backup only user's folder ?
2) TN says : "Configure one backup policy for each DFSR server". I need to create 1 policy for each nodes ?
3) In backup selection, I choose user's folder or I must use : Shadow Copy Components:\User Data\Distributed File System Replication\DfsrReplicatedFolders
4) Any recommendation about change journal or accelerator ?

Thanks for your help

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  • 1/3 As Lowell_Palecek said, you can specify individual user's folders when you configure the Backup Selection in the policy.

    2. Neither the DFSR or NetBackup documentation I've seen is very clear on this, but I've always understood it to mean the primary member configured when setting up DFSR. If you're saying that your DFSR servers are clustered, then you would specify the active node in NetBackup.

    4.  Accelerator works well with DFSR, but take heed of the Forced Rescan and version note at the bottom of this TechNote.

    I would also recommend specifying the individual folders in the Backup Selection, and not using ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, as the TechNote you linked suggests. 

  • I can answer question 1. Q3 is the same.

    Yes, you can specify individual folders under DfsrReplicateFolders in your policy.