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10 years ago

Backup falling with 25 error

Hello Team ,

Master server - solaris - netbackup 6.5.6

Client Server - Linux - netbackup 6.5.6

Media server - Linux - Netbackup 6.5.6


I'm trying to run the backup for client - Immediatly i'm getting 25 error

bptestbpcd command is workign

hostproperties client can able to connect

bpcd is listening

vnetd also listening

client able to piing master and viceversa

can you advise this





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  • First of all, 6.5.6 version is already end-of-support. Please upgrade asap.

    Is there a firewall enabled in your Linux client? For example, iptables in Redhat or SuSEFirewall in SLES? Disable them if possible.

  • Where are you trying to start the backup from? With NBU out of support for almost 3 years, the assumption is that this is not a new client or a new policy and that this has been working fine all along? Are other scheduled backups working? Are other policies working when you kick it off manually on the master? The reason for my questions is that immediate backup is started a little different : Scheduled backups are started by nbpem when backup is due. Immediate backup is first of all sent to bprd on the master and from there routed to nbpem. So, if this or other policies cannot be submitted immediately, it sounds like there is an issue with connection to bprd on the master. Do you have bprd log folder on the master? If so, have a look in the log to see if backup request is received from the machine where you submitted the request from (master, media, admin console?). If no bprd log folder, you need to create it and restart NBU. The restart may well solve the problem if there was some sort of an issue with bprd or else help to troubleshoot if problem persists.
  • Hello Watsons ,

    Yes 6.5.6 is EOSL ,we are in process to upgrade the environment Thanks for your advise

    As per you notes i have done Iptabled fushing and restarted the service for Iptables


    Still the same issue

  • Hello Maria ,

    I'm starting the backup from master server

    Manual backup - its falling

    Also schedule backup also falling


    There are few backups running fine in master server , for this clients only its falling

    These are running through the puredisk backups

    I have bprd folder created in master server .

    I'm attaching the logs for that


  • I have not looked at the log yet, but I just need confirmation on a couple of things : Are other backups working when you start a manual backup? Only backups for this client failing? Manual and scheduled? Did backups for this client work previously? If so, you need find out what has changed. How many media servers in the environment? Have you checked comms between media servers and client? And between the PureDisk server and the client? Trying to help you is difficult because things worked different in pre-7.x. We have been out of 6.x thinking for more than 3 years now. Even documentation of how things are supposed to work between a 6.x client and PD server is difficult to find. I have no idea which ports to check or which logs... You NEED to upgrade. Really.
  • The logs did not show any error.

    If you do a "bpclntcmd -pn" from the client, does it show the returned hostname & IP for that client - make sure that is correct.  If it returns nothing, your setup on this client has problem.

    Check the bp.conf in Linux client to make sure it's pointing to correct master server (and media server if it's used for backup).