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20 years ago

Backup issue between Netbackup and BMR


I am currently involved with a BMR migration, which has gone well minus what seems like a minor bug between Netbackup and BMR. I hope some of you experts can shed some light on the situation.

During the BMR process when you have to do a full backup on the source machine I am running into an issue where there is no status bar progress and no estimated Kilobytes on the Netbackup consol. The backup runs in its entirety but upon restore it fails. Our fix has been to let the backup run fully, reregister the client in BMR and then do a second backup, which then shows status bar progress and estimated Kilobytes. Stopping the backup at any time during the first run and restarting only brings back the same issue of a lack of status bar etc. This is costing us MASSIVE time as we are having to wait for the backup to finish just so we can start another of the same data.

So to recap...

Some backups, not all have a lack of status bar progress and Estimated Kilobytes within Netbackup.

Only by letting the backup run fully, then reregistering the client on the BMR, and then restarting the backup will I see a progress bar.

Any attempt to use the first (No status) backup results in a failure on restore.

I have concluded that I MUST see the status bar and estimated Kilobytes to have a good backup.

Any Ideas? Is this a bug? Fixable?
Thanks so much for your help

Seth M.
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