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13 years ago

Backup Policies In Catalog?

Hello. We're running Netbackup 7.0.1 on Windows Server 2008. We back up the catalog to tape and disk, and replicate the disk to a remote site (using proprietary replication on the storage array) fo...
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    13 years ago

    1.  Yes

    2.  You can recover the catalog in two ways :

    ■ Recovering the entire catalog.


    See “When recovering the entire catalog from an online backup ” on page 200.
    This procedure is the recommended method for recovering the entire catalog.
    This procedure recovers the NetBackup relational database as well as
    NetBackup policy files, backup image files, and configuration files.
    ■ Recovering the catalog image file.
    See “About recovering the catalog image file ” on page 209.
    This method recovers only the NetBackup policy files, backup image files, and
    configuration files. Use this method if the NetBackup relational database is
    valid but NetBackup policy, backup image, or configuration files are lost. The
    NetBackup relational database can also be recovered separately using the
    bprecover -nbdb
    You could only recover the policies ...
    You would have to import the Catalog tape - in the BAR GUI you couold then select to browse that backup tape as a normal tape (just select policy type to nbu-catalog).
    You then treat the restore as a regular file restore and recover /usr//openv/netbackup/db/class/*