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  • If you have a problem to explain in English, please tell us in your language. We will use Google Translate and then answer you in English. There is a lot of information about the schedule part of a policy. Have you tried NBU Admin Guide I? Links to manuals in Handy NBU Links in my signature.
  • I am useing the symantec netbackup 7.6 ,total my database size 22 Tb pls help me how can i take daily backup and weekly backup schedul.
  • What type of database? 
    Running on which OS?

    Are you using a database agent for the backups? 
    If so, have you downloaded the database agent manual?
    You can find all 7.6 manuals over here: 
    The agent manual describes in detail how to create a policy and schedules within the policy.

    Where are you backing up to?
    Tape? what kind of tape? how many tape drives?
    BasicDisk? OST Dedupe Appliance? NetBackup Appliance?

    Is the database server also a NetBackup media server?

    We need as much info as possible in order to help you....