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13 years ago

Backup selection for Linux clients

Please help, i am little bit confused about backup selection for Linux clients. My current policy was ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and follow NFS and cross mount point attributes checked.

I read in the admin guide that cross mount point should be uncheck while backup selection is ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

Quetion is Why? what is the impact?

Next question is what should i do to get the mount points to be backed up? in the job details NB missing the as different mount point if i will do just ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES without cross mount point.

Please help on this.


  • ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES will backup all local mountpoints of supported filesystem types, such as UFS, VxFS, ext3.

    Filesystems that are automatically excluded when backing up / or ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES are listed in this TN:

    I personally prefer ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES (without cross mount points and follow NFS) with Allow Mutiple Data Streams selected.  If databases on clients, data files/directories need to be added to exclude_list.

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