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12 years ago

Backup size limtation


Hi Team,
I want to know whats the maximum size we can take the backup.My scenario is single file have more the 2TB size of file.Its possible to take backup using regular backup in veritas netbackup?
Client server is redhat server and file system is ext.
Please let us know any limitation we are having for file system level backups.
Our environment:Master and media server is solaris 10 with 6.5.5 netbackup version.
  • NBU 6.x limits should apply to 7.x as well. See

    NetBackup 6.0 and 6.x maximum sizes per backup
    Backup Size:       4 billion terabytes or 4 zettabytes (ZB)
    File Size:        64 terabytes
    File System Size:  4 billion terabytes or 4 zettabytes (ZB)
    (per backup)
    Number of Files:   2 billion

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