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15 years ago

Backups are continously failin with EC:58.

Hi All,

One of my windows 2003 client backup's are continously failing with EC:58.

connectivity between master, media and clinet is fine.
When i check the detailed job status, it shows like..

01/28/2010 16:15:05 - Error bpbrm (pid=27888) cannot connect to clientname, Connection reset by peer (131)
can't connect to client (58)

nslookup n reverse lookup are fine.
bpcd is listening on the client and registry entries are fine. Services are up.
and the client netbackup version is 5.1 MP 5.
Master netbackup version is 6.5.1(Unix).

Can anyone help me to resolve this backup issue plsss!!

Shyam Prasad

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  • From Putty/ssh...client is able to connect.
    but from NBU GUI....I'm not able to connect to says that canont connect on socket(status 25.

    Shyam Prasad

  • Hi Shyam,

    I have also faced this type of problem in my  environment  connectivity between the master/media and client are fine. but my backup is getting failed with error code 58 . the problem is that one of my software is blocked the vnetd port on the client side and after removal of this software the backup is runs fine . For any concern pls see the following link :-