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11 years ago

Backups are failing with 2106

Hello Team,


The backups are getting failed with error code 2106 at some point of time as mentioned error below. But when I retrigger the backups the backups are getting successful. Sometime it is failing on second time also when i retrigger but  third or fourth time when i retrigger the bakcups they are getting successful.


but frequently the backups are getting failed with EC 2106.  Kindly suggest on which I need to check.


Error nbjm(pid=2992) NBU status: 2106, EMM status: Storage Server is down or unavailable 
Disk storage server is down(2106)

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  • More info about your environment, please.

    What is NBU version and patch level on master and/or media server?

    What is OS version and patch level on master and/or media server? (It cannot be Windows 8)

    Which disk type is used in your environment? (MSDP, Advanced, OST?)

    There are many possible reasons for status 2106 - See: 
    So, important that you give us as much info as possible.


  • Hello,


    Are all these media servers in the same site as the master? I've seen this before but the media server  (appliance) was in a remote site and there were link issues. Basically the master couldn't contact the media to determine its status and marked it as down. Backups would fail intermittently.


    What are your versions etc?

  • yes we need to more info about the your disk pool type and vertions..

    it can aslo be becasue of overloading of the diskpool... how many Max jobs are configured for this STU and how many are running..

    if its a MSDP you can also try changing the poll time in case of busy server

  • Hello Alll,

    master server : - Windows 2008 (6)
    Media server : - Linux (unix).  It is a appliance.  server type : puredisk

    At some point of time some of the streams / clients are getting backup failure with EC 2106 still when the other backups are running.  It is weird. Checking on this.

    yesterday some of hte clients / streams got failed and got  successful as of now when I retriggered on second / third / fourth time. Need to findout asap before
    happening the same.


    Maximum concurrent jobs is configured as 30 and the policies are scheduled in different time ( not at same time)

    Yes they are in differnt site. the master serer is in Waterloo ( US) and the media server is in Rosario ( Argentina)



  • Hello all,


    Is there any logs I can analzye to check the communication issue with master and the meida server ( appliance) ?


    In this environment we have many media servers which are located in other regions and the backups are running successfully  for those clients




  • It would probably be related to comms then. Try to increase the polling intervals as per this note

  • I would guess the same logs can be checked as per this TN: 

    Logged in OID 111 (nbemm), with internal OIDs 219 (resource event manager) and 144 (device allocator) all at verbose 6:

    The real solution will be to troubleshoot and fix the intermittent network issues between the master and media server.