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19 years ago

Backups Not happening of some exchange files


I have Veritas Netbackup Enterprise servre 5.1.

I'm trying to backup exchange server data and the files are with the extension .edb, .stm, and .log....................

But these files are not getting backed up and neither i'm getting some error...


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  • Yes, like Lance said, you need the Exchange Option (extra cost) to backup Exchange. You cannot backup the raw edb, stm, or log files for exchange.
  • thanx friends........

    I'm trying to backup these files with NT policy .. I dont have exchange license as of know...........

    But if I copy these files to different location and try to backup them it happens perfectly fine.....I dont what goes wrong with the actual path............ Also what I observer is, it is not even trying to take the backup therefore its not giving any error..........

    Can u'll help on this ?????

  • These files are in use. This is why you cannot back them up. You really shouldn't try to backup exchange by backing these files up. You will not be able to properly flush the logs. If you don't want to buy the exchange agent, you should setup NT-Backup to backup exchange to a flat file, and then back that file up with the Windows-NT policy type.
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