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Infrastructure NBU :

Master Server Windows 2012R2 v8.0 

Robot scalar 80

After done all pre-requisite for upgrade to v8.3.0.2, backup NBDB, reorganise it and shutdown all services, i'v launche the upgrade, FAILED because of a the Tomcat Certificate expired.

The Rollback failed to because of a the ACL on the C:\

i've restore the catalog, but at the end, the system could not restart the database !

I've restore catalog without handling the database: OK but since it's worth.

Since i ve seen a lot of error from the database:

    • Error :
      •  « The Activity Monitor failed because of Connection to bpjobd daemon on server <> failed.
      • « Job data is still being refreshed. Connection to server <> failed due to error : A connection to server could not be established »
  • Analyses :
    • nbemm Log
      • « Dbserver is down »
      • « Failed to get database connection »
    • To verify the status of nbemm i execute this command line
      • « nbemmcmd –listhosts –verbose »
        • Error from databse or no reply
  • DbServer is down
    • Nbdb_ping : No ping
    • Nbdb_admin –auto_start NBDB : OK
    • Nbdb_admin –auto_start NBAZDB : OK
    • Nbdb_admin –auto_restart BMRDB : Failed
  • So, it's seem's to be a problèm from the BMRDB
  • Options :
    • Rebuild the database BMRDB
    • Uninstall et reinstall NBU since restauration catalogue
  • Could you give me some advice please.

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      I've Call Antemeta, but not have support from Veritas....

      And could you just give me your advice with the Option i have :

      - Rebuild database

      - Uninstall / install NBU next Restore catalog

  • Hello,

    you have told that both upgrade and rollback failed. So you have an undefined version now - you should uninstall the current sw, install pre-upgrade (8.0) version, and restore catalog backup which was done with this version.

    BMRDB is not core NBU database, its optional. I think its not the cause of problems. Maybe you even dont have BMRDB configured.