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14 years ago

Best BMR for Linux configuration in case of different subnets

Hi Everyone,

What would be the best configuration of BMR (when network boot needs to be used) in an environment (Linux servers) where there are different subnets?

Best case scenario would be to use a single boot server with a seperate DHCP server (Windows DHCP). Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.


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  • Extract from BMR Admin Guide:

    Linux boot server requirements
    Each network segment that has Linux clients must have a Linux boot server.

  • Hi Marianne,


    Thank you for your response. Is having seperate network cards (connected to each subnet) on one boot server a supported configuration for BMR?


  • Hi Mandar,

    Is there anny special configuration/setup that I should consider before setting this up? Thanks!

  • No special configuration as such. May be make sure on host-ip resolution for your boot server from the master as well as diff clients.



  • Hi Mandar,

    Thanks for that. Would you be able to point me to a tech note for this? Or anywhere, where this is documented?

  • AFAIK I am not able to recollect any technote around this. I will see if I can get any info from support team on this technote. If availbale I will provide the link.



  • Hi Mandar,

    The netbackup admin guide (v7.0) on page 182 states the general BMR boot server requirements. The following is an excerpt from the Solaris boot server section:

    "The Solaris BMR boot server can be defined on a Solaris machine that has a
    physical IP presence on multiple networks.
    That is, you can use a single Solaris BMR boot server with multiple network
    interfaces for Solaris BMR clients on each network segment."

    My question is, is this specific to Solaris only? I need to set this up on a Linux environment.

    Another excerpt from the same section:

    "Configure a relay boot server to allow Solaris machines on remote subnets to
    boot from a BMR boot server using a network gateway. Contact your support
    representative for a Tech Note that describes the procedure."

    Would it be possible for you to tell me from where I can find this technote? Thank you!