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13 years ago

BMR - Successful Configuration?



I would like to have your feedback on what constitutes a successful BMR configuration. I have installed and configured BMR Master Server, BMR boot servers, and have completed successful, status 0, backups with "collect disaster recover information" selected.


One would pressume that having done this one would be able to do a BMR restore to the same server without any issues. Or is that a bit enthusiastic?


Is there any difference in using CD boot vs Network boot with regard to the drivers that it use for the boot / Mini OS? Which one is best?


I've faced an issue whereby one of the windows clients I'm trying to restore is not finding the Network Card in the server, and it can therefore not get an IP to start the process of retrieving the configuration. I used the BMR boot cd created from the image supplied with the netbackup software.


Am i missing something in the process?

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