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3 years ago

bpcd logs


Hi all,

On the master server, bpcd logs are zero-length

How to configure the information to be included in the logs?


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  • Hi AndriiPushkarov 

    Are you looking for something specific in the bpcd log ?

    Usally if the bpcd directory is created in [install_path]/netbackup/logs/ then the client dreamon will log it's work in the folder.

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      From time to time there is a need to refer to the bpcd log.
      For example, this may require an analysis of possible problems with connecting to hosts.
      Backup jobs are running, but the log is empty
      Previously, bpcd was filled with information ....

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        Hi AndriiPushkarov 

        Check to see if you have a BPCD_VERBOSE = 0 or -1 in bp.conf (or the registry with Windows), that will stop bpcd from logging (or if VERBOSE is 0 or -1). 

        nblog.conf only controls the unified (new) logging.


  • What type of backup is running that you are wanting to view the bpcd logs?