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7 years ago

bpduplicate error 226

Hello Everyone,  i have these LTO2 tapes that i want to duplicate to LTO4 to be able to get rid of them. I have both the LTO2 drive and the LTO4 drives connected to the same media servers and they all work fine.  Once duplicated, i can get rid of the LTO2 drives.  Every lto2 tapes (primary copy) are in the library and all of those tapes have a secondary copy in an external vault.

As ex example,this is the command i use : 

bpduplicate -id M12394 -s 01/01/2010 -mpx -dstunit mtq3584mtl_lgp035_lto4 -dp Duplication_Pool -fail_on_error 1

And this is the result :

Duplicating policy Exchange_DAG-MTL schedule Quotidien backup id DAG-MTL_1496021444 copy 1 created on 05/28/2014 21:30:44 on source media id M12394
INF - Backupid DAG-MTL_1496021444 copy 2 already exists
INF - Duplicate of backupid DAG-MTL_1496021444 failed, the entity already exists (226).

INF - Status = no images were successfully processed.

How can i instruct bpduplicate to create a third copy (the configuration of nbu is max 10 allowed) so that i can expire the original primary (lto2) and use the lto4 as the new copy ?


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  • It may be due to copy number because a same copy is available in the volume pool. check the same with option -cn <copy_number>


    bpduplicate -id M12394 -cn 3 -s 01/01/2010 -mpx -dstunit mtq3584mtl_lgp035_lto4 -dp Duplication_Pool -fail_on_error 1


  • Specify -number_copies 1

    This will tell NBU to create a one additional copy.

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      this may not be helpful, but I found it was a lot easier to create a disk pool and send it there, then write from disk to tape.

      Especially when the sizes change, and it allows you to combine like backups together.

      One side effect of doing this, it will change the copy number to 3 on disk, then back to 1 ( if you expire the old tape )

      So the copy number will match expected.

  • Please show us output of
    bpimagelist -backupid DAG-MTL_1496021444 -L