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9 years ago

bpduplicate error code 152


I am running the below command -

bpduplicate -Bidfile c:\test\sun.txt -number_copies 1 -dp NetBackup -dstunit LTape -rl 3 -pt NDMP -client filer1 -cn 1

Getting the below error -

db_IMAGEreceive() failed: required value not set (152)

Runnig the same command on other master server and it is successfully running.

Please suggest.

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  • Have you had a look of the contents of the Bidfile on the server where the command is failing? Does it only contain a list of valid images that exist on this master?
  • Hi Marianne,

    Yes. It is having the valid images. I confirmed it from bpimmedia command and also using nbu admin console  catalog option.

    Here is the thing I found, amazing !!!

    How this BID file is being created -

    A script runs using windows powershell on this master server which creates the BID files to be used by bpduplicate command.

    What is amazing -

    When this BID file ( basically the text file) is searched by the bpduplicate command at the mentioned location, it is not able to read the text file and showing error code 152.

    But if the text file (BID file) is being created by windows command prompt and not by powershell then bpduplicate command is able to read and work upon it successfully.

    This is how it worked for me.  Also I found this difference not only for backup but also if we are using   for /f command ( if text file mentioned in for /f is created by powershell it is not able to work properly but if the same text file is created by cmd   it works perfectly.)



  • Please upload example of file created by windows command prompt as well file created by powershell.

    There is clearly something wrong with the format created by powershell.

  • I have uploaded both files.

    Try aslo

    Run cmd as admin.

    Run the command -   for /f %i in (c:\cmd.txt or the path of the file) do @echo %i

    try for powershell.txt also

    Result -

    For powershell.txt  no result will be produced.

    For cmd.txt u will get output same as in the text file.


    Same thing happened for running bpduplicate using the bid file created from powershell and cmd. For powershell it was not able to read the file and giving error 152. For text file resulted from cmd   bpduplicate worked fine. 

    :)  Amazing for me.


  • Hi,

    Can anybody tell me how to check the format i.e. how to get the difference in the above files format?


  • The files that you uploaded look identical.

    We can only assume that original files were copied in order to upload them?

    Please download and install TextPad.
    In Textpad, go to View -> Visible spaces.

    Do this for both files and compare.


  • The bytes sizes are different


    So can you check additional settings set on file in security or other permissions

  • Hi nbutech,

    These files are automatically created by cmd and powershell. So if there is any permission or such things coming in picture then how can I search for that, microsoft? no other ways than that?

    I checked for file security and permissions, all same.

    I am trying for Marianne's method.

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      Hi all !


      have the sam problem today. Create bidfile using powershell and running script for bpduplicate as .cmd.

      Dont work. Seems I have different kind of txt-files. cmd gives ASCII and powershell somethink depend on my environment ? No differences are seen in notepad between cmd and powershell created bidfile.

      Testet solutions:

      1. create file using cmd-shell

      2. open powershell created txt file mark all copy; new txt-file open in notepad - paste.