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11 years ago

bpstart_notify.bat & bpend_notify.bat behavior

I am backing up an Enterprise Vault server which has multiple data drives.  Symantec provides start scripts to place the vault stores and indexes in backup mode and end scripts to take them out of ba...
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    11 years ago

    Hi Mbreit1910,

    Indeed, bpstart_notify.bat & bpend_notify.bat are activated per backup stream, i.e. not by the parent job.


    I personally prefer to use NetBackup EV agent to back up partitions, index and DBs. The agent will set and remove backup mode granularly as needed. The agent is already part of NetBackup Client software and just need to add licence key on the master server to activate.

    But if you have to do file-system level backup (using MS-Windows policy), these are the options:

    1. uncheck "allow multiple data streams"  on the policy, so the scripts don't get triggered multiple times.

    2. tweak the scripts as per above technote.

    3. create unique policy per Vault store or per drive (ugh..)

    All the best!