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13 years ago

can any body help me with this command.


can any body help me with this command.
I am getting the below error/
 sudo ./bplabel -m Z00015  -d HCART2 -o -p Scratch  -host xbufrgh
Invalid Density/DriveTyped
What should be the coorrect command?

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  • Try hcart2  in lowercase

    Unix is case sensitive.



  • Please accept good advice and stop arguing with EVERY bit of advice that is given to you!!!

    If you do not believe experienced users giving advice here, check the manuals for yourself.

    Extract from NBU Commands Reference Guide

    Note: Do not use capital letters when you enter the density. Incorrect density
    syntax causes the command to fail and an "Invalid Density Drive Type"
    message to appear.

  • This should be the answer, I tried the exact command you had with UPPER CASE and it failed, I tried it with 'lower case' and it worked ...

    The errror tells you what is wrong :

    Invalid Density/DriveTyped


    We know HCART2 is a valid type, so really the only possible problem, could be that it is in UPPER CASE - which I have shown to be true.



  • sudo ./bplabel -m Z00015  -d hcart2 -o -p Scratch  -host xbufrgh