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13 years ago

Can NBU auto erase tape after data expires?

Can NBU auto erase tape after data expires?

I couldn't find this option after searched around. It will help us greatly if this is possible. We are using third party virutal tape library and tight on space, will have to manually erase data on scratch tapes to reclaim space on VTL after some time.

  • I guess the easy way then is to have a script that runs on the Master and schedule it using Windows scheduler to run every day - try this one to see what you think - name it autoerase.bat and drop it on the C drive (or anywhere else as long as you edit this appropriately) add the correct paths etc, (in italics) according to your setup - if on unix i am sure you can amend it to suit:

    <installpath>\volmgr\bin\vmquery -pn scratchpool -l>c:\scratchlist.txt

    for /f %%a in (scratchlist.txt) do <installpath>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bplabel -m %%a -d hcart -p scratch_pool -host mediaserver -erase

    Hope this helps

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