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7 years ago

Cannot change Drive name - The device host is not specified

Hello everyone, 

this is my first post on this forum so first of all I would like to say: Hi:)

Second, I would like to ask you for support with changing Drive name.

Recenly we have installed new drive in IBM backup library.

Drive was added without problem. Everything works fine. Date is written using this drive.

But there is one issue which is making me angry.

During setup new drive (using wizard) I could not make drive name, so I gave possibility to name is by Netbackup.

Now i would like yo change it but when i click save I got error message:

The device host is not specified.

1. Open Drive change menu

2. Type new name

3.  Click OK and an error message occur. After  click OK windows is closed.

Do you have any idea what is there problem?

Did I made mistake?

Any idea how to change drive name?

Thnak you

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  • My suggestion would be to make sure you have all the information you need, path, library, etc.  Delete the drive and add it manually instead of using the wizard.  Then you should be able to enter any name you want.  If you have trouble doing that from the GUI, you can definitetly use tpconfig to add the drive.  Here is a link to the command reference guide for tpconfig.

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      I tried to add drive manually but same error occurs.

      I will try to use tpconfig.
      Thanks for a tip and fast answer.
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        According to tpconfig command reference, you can use tpconfig to change a drive name:

        Windows systems: tpconfig -update -drive drvindex [-type drvtype] [-port port -bus bus -target target -lun lun ] [-nh ndmp_hostname -path drivepath] [-noverify] [-newasciiname asciidrivename]] [-shared [yes|no]] [-cleanfreq hours] [-comment comment] [-drstatus [UP|DOWN|DISABLED]] [-robot robnum -robtype robtype] [-robdrnum robdrvnum | -VendorDrvName vendor_drive_name] [-ACS acsnum -LSM lsmnum -PANEL panelnum -DRIVE drivenum]

        You would need to know the drive index and use these minimum parameters:

        Windows systems: tpconfig -update -drive <drvindex> -newasciiname <asciidrivename>