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5 years ago

cannot change expiration date of image in SLP


I've a backup image in the catalog which should long be expired. Secondary slp operation is incomplete because tape drive is no longer used. I want to duplicate this image to cloud storage but it is in SLP, it does not allow. I try to change expire date with force option. But error is returned.
"Failed to process an image whose expiration date is in the past"

If I cancel SLP, the image will expire.

How can I save this image? The image can be restored, but I don't change the expiration date of the image. How can we solve this?


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  • Hi,

    I would use nbstl to update the SLP that is controlling the image and point it to the cloud storage. You'll need to provide the SLP version that you want to update if the SLP has been updated after it was applied to this image. If there are other images also stuch with the tape option and you don't want them sent to cloud then you'll need to cancel those images or they'll go to cloud again.

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      I add output of SLP, How can i change secondary operation storage, and when i change the SLP's secondary operation, will it be apply for existing backups?


      • Hi,

        See the noted below for examples.

        Just clarify, this is the SLP that performed the backup, but the tape drives configured for tape_stus_a is not available anymore? Or was there a different configuration in place before i.e. tape_stus_a is working now and previously it was something else. The answer to this questions will influence which version of the SLP you must modify (you'll see all the versions if you follow the example in the note)