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15 years ago

Cannot Expire Media (invalid command parameter)


I've got 3 pieces of media that I can't expire, no matter what I do.  This media has a status of "active".  It's not frozen, and it exists in the database to the best of my knowledge.  Adding it to the database has no effect on expiring it.  Here is the message I get when I attempt to expire it.

T5120-04# bpexpdate -m STK470 -d 0
Media STK470 is due to expire at INFINITY
Are you sure that the data on this media is not critical to
your business, and you are sure you want to delete STK470 y/n (n)? y
invalid command parameter

I have logging turned on, so if the experts need something from logs, just let me know.  I'd hate to have to blow away netbackup, but it is a test environment, so if I absolutely have to, i will.

  • 1. Stop me if you've heard this one: What version of NetBackup are you using?
    2. If you're using 6.5.x, are Storage Lifecycle Policies in use?

    I have a hunch you may need to open a support case and be prepared to send us some NBCC output but your answers may change that hunch.  :)

    DOCUMENTATION and DOWNLOAD: How to install and use Symantec's Veritas NetBackup Catalog Consistency Utility (NBCC) 7.0

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