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13 years ago

Catalog has not been backed up for last 30 min

Hi All,

  I need help...

Today  i recived one alert mail.

Alert message is    "Catalog has not been backed up for last 30 min".

How to find my this alert root cause and fix this alert.

My Environment------- Master Server  OS            -- Solaris 10

                               Netbackup Version   ---    7.1


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  • How often should the catalog backup run.

    Have any catalog backup jobs failed


  • Catalog backup is successful.

      But i got this alert.

    Before we are taken weekly catalog backup but now we are moved to daily catalog backup.


  • This does not seem to be 'normal' NBU notification email.

    Do you have Ops Centre installed? If so, have you had a look at the reports/alerts that were configured?


  • Has someone set up a cron entry maybe to check at a certain time if the catalog has run?

    e.g. you had, say, a weekly backup that ran at @1900hrs on a Saturday (if so, glad you changed it to daily) - maybe a cron was put in place to see if had run @1930hrs. Now you've moved to daily @2000hrs every day - your cron then 'alerts' you once a week that your catalog has not run?

    Just an idea .....

  • Therefore, you need to find out where the email is sent from ?


  • Opscenter was installed and configured that alert.

    we got alert mail from Opscenter.

    Last three days we got same alert.


  • Well, either turn the alert off, change it to a time period that is suitable, or make sure you run the catalog backup every 30 mins.