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2 years ago

change master server's name


we are upgrading from 8.2 to 

When I do a new install, I get asked the if I want to use the fully qualified domain name of the server as the server name. I was expecting when we upgrade to be asked the same question so we have a chance to upgrade the master server name to the FQDN. we installed 8.2 long time ago with short names and it has caused a big headache. We want to go back to using FQDNs for the servers. Any ideas if it is possible and what all is involved? and most importantly, how do we do it? 

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  • creativeguitar Have you completed the upgrade yet ?

    If not, then reach out your Veritas Account Manager and they can help you rename master server to whatever you want.

    Veritas have specialized tools to perform manipulations like this.

    Simple upgrade will not let you do renames or platform change (windows to linux and vise versa).

    Hope this helps.

  • out of curiosity, what is the headache with the sort name?

    As pats said, you can not change the name of the master server. It is not supported. You have to engage veritas professional services. And I do not think that it is worth the money for such a change.

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      We have multiple domains inside of the company. Every time we setup a client or media server, we need to modify /etc/hosts file. We have spent hours of times troubleshooting different kinds of issues and most of the times, it boils down to us forgetting to put the entry in the /etc/hosts file xD

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        Dude, I have been down that path, where a hoard of wild unix admin would put in entries in /etc/hosts all over the place with the intent to create DNS records later, and of cause it was forgotten. Causing a never ending ranges of issues.

        You need to implement a strict DNS entries only regime - else it will kill you in the long run.