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7 years ago

Change Path for Hyperv Restore returned error 6000

Hi I have a sucessful backup of virual machine using hyperv policy, Now I want to restore using command line in alternative path. my resore command is:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbrestorevm -vmhvnew -C [VMNAME] -R /root/changedir.txt -vmserver [HYPERVHOST]

changedir.txt file include:

change /C/ClusterStorage/Volume2/[VMNAME]/Snapshots/F9CF1923-F5BC-4140-80DE-0B44C54DA375.xml to /C/tmp/[VMNAME]/Snapshots/F9CF1923-F5BC-4140-80DE-0B44C54DA375.xml
change /C/ClusterStorage/Volume2/[VMNAME]/Virtual Machines/ABE630A9-156C-4681-BD77-ECE0CFF0CD45.xml to /C/tmp/[VMNAME]/Virtual Machines/ABE630A9-156C-4681-BD77-ECE0CFF0CD45.xml
change /C/ClusterStorage/Volume2/[VMNAME]/WIN2012-TMP_disk_1.vhdx to /C/tmp/[VMNAME]/WIN2012-TMP_disk_1.vhdx
change /C/ClusterStorage/Volume2/[VMNAME]/WIN2012-TMP_disk_1-AutoRecovery.avhdx to /C/tmp/[VMNAME]/WIN2012-TMP_disk_1-AutoRecovery.avhdx

I just created tmp on c:\ of Hyperv Host

and I get this error:

Restore image time = 12/25/17 12:16:17
VM restore request returned with status = 6000

EXIT STATUS 6000: The provided path is not whitelisted


PS. I run this command on hyperv host:

nbsetconfig.exe -h [hyperv host]




Master server is NBU 7.7 on Linux

Media server is NBU 7.7 on Linux

Clinet 7.7 installed on hyperv host (windows 2012)