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12 years ago

Changement de solution Networker vers Netbackup


Je suis en pleine reflexion pour une migration de l'outil Networker vers Netbackup.

Existe t'il des bests practices pour basculer d'un logiciel à un autre?


Est-il possible d'installer les deux logiciels sur la même plateforme? (qu'en est-il de la gestion de la robotique associée? partitionnement de la robotique pour pilotage par 2 logiciels différents?)


Qu'en est-il de la reprise des sauvegardes Networker vers Netbackup (si possible? même si je ne pense pas que cela soit possible)

Même question pour les données précédement sauvegardées sur Networker?


Merci pour vos retours :)




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  • Well in reality you need to start from scratch and install a fresh NBU server and leave existing Networker environment for recovery purpose until all images expire. Unfortunately there is no way to translate Networker group scheduling to NBU policies as they have completely different logic and NetBackup can't read NetWorker tapes.

    NetWorker and NetBackup can share a physical tape library if this library supports partitioning, so it could present part of itself to NW and other part to NBU and control exposure of cartridges, otherwise you have a chance that either NBU or NW will overwrite a foreign cartridge with live backups.

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    I'm in for a reflection migration tool Networker to NetBackup.
    Are there any bests practices to switch from one program to another?
    Is it possible to install both programs on the same platform? (what is the management of robotics related? partitioning for robotics control via two different software?)
    What is the recovery backups Networker to NetBackup (if possible? Although I do not think this is possible)
    Same question for the data previously saved on network?
    Thank you for your feedback :)