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12 years ago

CIFS and Include/Exclude-Behaviour of Netbackup

Hi to everyone

Our environement is Solaris Sparc 64bit with Netbackup 7.0.1 on SunOS 5.0 (Solaris 10)  with a Windows 2003  x86 Standard Proxy as Man in the Middle to a VNC/CIFS-Disk-Platform

There exists two Policies each with two Shedules :

1th  Full -Backup

2nd Cummulative Incr Backup

Exclude-Lists are created with the following content : 

CIFS_Gem_T1 : *

CIFS_Gem_T2 : *

Include-Lists are created with the following contends :

CIFS_Gem_T1 : 



CIFS_Gem_T2 : 



Based on the description in the documentation, the wildcard parameters and the syntax rules for Exclued and Include lists should be correct. But every Test with the Policy CIFS_Gem_T2 leads to a backup beginning with the alphabetic character b .

Is there an inappropriate use of  parameters and/or rules ?

is there a missing patch or a damaged file on the system ?


Many thanks for any help



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