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4 years ago

Cleaning the DB folder

Current netbackup version 7.7.3 on a windows server. I have a DB folder (default path) that seems to be pretty large and it contains lots of folders with hostnames of servers that are long gone. The current netbackup master is only backing up 3 legacy servers, so I really don't need any backups  that arent those 3 server names.

What is the correct way to purge this folder?

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  • do you still have backups in your catalog?

    if yes, exprie them and run below commands:

    bpimage -cleanup -allclients

    nbdelete -allvolumes -force

  • dcbone 

    NetBackup does not delete Client folders when backups have expired.

    If there are no longer any valid backups, there should only be empty 10-digit folders under the client folders.

    If there are non-empty folders, you probably have long retentions on some old backups.

    You can run bpimagelist for each client with -d 01/01/1970 or else run Client Backup report for each decommissioned client and keep the default selection of 'Earliest available'.

    If there are still valid, unexpired backups, you can expire these backup using bpexpdate command.