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7 years ago

client name mismatch  (39) DAG exchange

08-May-2018 23:57:20 - Info nbjm (pid=14779) starting backup job (jobid=754) for client SIMAOSVMBX01, policy EXCHANGE_BKP_FM, schedule Full 08-May-2018 23:57:20 - estimated 0 kbytes needed 08-May-2018 23:57:20 - Info nbjm (pid=14779) started backup (backupid=DAG-SIMAO_1525823840) job for client SIMAOSVMBX01, policy EXCHANGE_BKP_FM, schedule Full on storage unit stu_disk_simaobkp01 08-May-2018 23:57:21 - started process bpbrm (pid=72535) 08-May-2018 23:57:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] Connecting host: simaobkp01 08-May-2018 23:57:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] ConnectionId: {8F412BA6-531B-11E8-A585-B9A49B30AA69}:OUTBOUND 08-May-2018 23:57:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] pid: 13686 08-May-2018 23:57:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] Received status: 0 08-May-2018 23:57:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) bpcd on DAG-SIMAO exited with status 39: client name mismatch 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] Connecting host: simaobkp01 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] ConnectionId: {9573BF98-531B-11E8-ABBD-C694BE1C88E2}:OUTBOUND 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] pid: 13686 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] Received status: 0 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Error bpbrm (pid=72535) cannot send mail because BPCD on DAG-SIMAO exited with status 39: client name mismatch 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - Info bpbkar (pid=0) done. status: 39: client name mismatch 08-May-2018 23:57:41 - end writing client name mismatch  (39)

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  • brice1
    Always good to provide some backgroud in addition to Job details.

    Names of DAG members?
    Name of Virtual (DAG)  hostname?
    How is policy configured? (bppllist <policy-name> -U)
    Is NBU installed on all DAG members?
    Have you checked name resolution and port connectivity between media server(s) and all DAG members?

    Please see this related forum post:



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      In addition to the basic information requested by Marianne...

      • What are the versions of NetBackup on servers and clients? What Exchange-related EEBs do you have installed?
      • What is the version of Exchange?
      • If Exchange is 2013 or later, is the DAG name resolvable in the DNS to an IP address? Seems to be yes, since the error came from bpcd on the DAG.
      • As always, when job details or bpbrm log reports an error from a client process, look at the client log.

      The links Marianne provided are a little old. One thing you should not have to do if you have NetBackup 7.7.3 or later, is to define your DAG and Exchange servers in any hosts files to compensate for an IP-less DAG.

      By the time a backup job gets to bpbrm, the client name should not be a DAG name anymore. And it isn't:

      >Info nbjm (pid=14779) starting backup job (jobid=754) for client SIMAOSVMBX01

      >bpbrm (pid=72535) [PROXY] Connecting host: simaobkp01

      Why two different client names, and why an apparent DAG name in the error?

      >bpbrm (pid=72535) bpcd on DAG-SIMAO exited with status 39: client name mismatch.

      There's a lot to be confused about here. Please provide the requested details.

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        Do you think the media server simaobkp01 is the PROXY host?
        (I thought the proxy host was only used during GRT list/restore.)
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      hi Marianne

      Names of DAG members


      Name of Virtual (DAG) 


      bppllist vrm-c-exchange -U

      olicy Name: EXCHANGE_BKP_FM

      Policy Type: MS-Exchange-Server
      Active: yes
      Effective date: 05/05/2018 07:43:36
      Mult. Data Streams: yes
      Client Encrypt: no
      Checkpoint: no
      Policy Priority: 0
      Max Jobs/Policy: Unlimited
      Disaster Recovery: 0
      Collect BMR info: no
      Residence: stu_disk_simaobkp01
      Volume Pool: NetBackup
      Server Group: *ANY*
      Keyword: (none specified)
      Data Classification: -
      Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy: no
      Exchange Source passive db if available: yes
      Exchange DAG Preferred Server: (none defined)
      Application Discovery: no
      Discovery Lifetime: 0 seconds
      ASC Application and attributes: (none defined)

      Granular Restore Info: yes
      Ignore Client Direct: no
      Use Accelerator: no
      HW/OS/Client: Windows-x64 Windows DAG-SIMAO

      Include: NEW_STREAM
      Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

      Schedule: Full
      Type: Automatic Backup
      Calendar sched: Enabled
      Included Dates-----------
      Saturday, Week 5
      Excluded Dates----------
      No specific exclude dates entered
      No exclude days of week entered
      PFI Recovery: 0
      Maximum MPX: 1
      Retention Level: 25 (expires immediately)
      Number Copies: 1
      Fail on Error: 0
      Residence: (specific storage unit not required)
      Volume Pool: (same as policy volume pool)
      Server Group: (same as specified for policy)
      Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy: 0
      Daily Windows:
      Saturday 20:00:00 --> Friday 00:00:00



      yes NBU is stalled on all DAG member , all firewall are off and resolution work fine


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        I updated my post while you were posting. Your post underscores a question I forgot to ask:

        Do you have custom hosts files that give IP addresses for the DAG and its mailbox servers? (Don't do that.) Some NetBackup processes use reverse lookup from IP address to host name. You can get a different name than you started with if you've defined the IP address in the hosts file.