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9 years ago

client restore EXIT STATUS 185: tar did not found all the files to be restored


I tried an Exchange restore, but gives me an error code of 185 as tar didn´t find all the files to be restored. But when i open the location appears two empty files (database and a log) as you can see in attachment. Running NBU @ Windows Server 2012


Thiago Magalhaes


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  • Please check the bpbrm log on the media server for the real reason that you got the 185. There might some issue relating to buffers, or the media might be damaged. The BPBRM log will point out the soruce of the issue.

  • Are you restoring from the master server or client directly ...Could you share the logs ?

  • Please share all relevant information : Exchange version Cluster or standalone Exchange Server? Type of restore - Recovery storage group to same Exch server or Information Store to same or other server? Steps that you have followed Logs needed to troubleshoot : On media server : bpbrm and bptm On Exch server : tar