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9 years ago

Command to Check Individual Server Backup SIZE

What is the command to check the individual server backup data size.

For example if i want to check the exchange-server backup size.

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  • If you're looking for the size reported when the backup was run, that's located in the GUI under Reports / Client Backups.  Note that this report only lists non-expired backups.

    If you're looking for how much space in a Deduplication Pool the backup is using, that information is not easily available due to the nature of Deduplication.



  • You can list recent backup sizes, and how much was moved by client side dedupe, or was ingested into dedupe, and the dedupe rate, using:

    > bperror -disk -client | grep "PDDO.Stats"

    ...and you can list further back in time (as far as you keep the error logs) using -hoursago or -d mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

  • The Client Backups report in the Reports section of the GUI will also give you totals per Client.

    You can choose a specific client for a specific date, or all clients for a date or going back as far there are valid backups in NBU catalog.



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