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Configure Catalog Replication between windows master server and Veritas appliance

I have on Site1 Windows 2012 server with Netbackup 7.7.3, that is backing up to Storage1(DataDomain)

storage1 is replicating to Storage2(DataDomain) in Site2.

on Site2, I have windows servers, 2008 and 2012, but no Netbackup installed on them

I would like for now at least to have Catalog on Site1 replicated (or copied) to Site 2, so that if there is disaster in Site1 , at least I can install Netbackup Master on Site2 with the same name as the Master in Site1 and connect it to Storage2 and will be able to restore data in Site2.

***To Note that on Site1 , we backup the DR file locally to the Master server, then we backup the whole Master server to the Storage1 which is replicated to Storage2. 

We also backup the Catalog on Master server.


Any Help will be very much appreciated.





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  • You need to set up a compatible replication product, such as Veritas Volume Replicator to replicate all components of the databases that are SQL and flat file structures, but this works between compatible NBU platforms such as Windows to Windows and Unix to Unix, also what helps if you use a virtual ip for the master but in a DR scenario you can just use the same host name for the master server.

    Here are the requirements for supported replication technology (write order fidelity is key here):

    There is also a bit outdated doco that details the approach

    You may find it cost-effective to engage a consulting partner to implement it as the latter doco suggests.

    As of the replication of catalog between NBU master on Windows and Appliance at a different site, you can use A.I.R. to replicate backup data only (so no backup settings such as policies and schedules can be replicated) and it cannot be applied retrospectively - only catalog portions about new backups can be replicated. 

  • Hi,

    All you need to do is configure Automated Image Replication (AIR). It is the built-in feature of NetBackup that allows you to replicate your catalog to another site. NetBackup uses the DDs to replicate all the images from one site to another, but instead of just leaving it on the storage, it would then import those images into the catalog of the 2nd master server. 

    You need to install a separate master (netbackup domain) in the 2nd site to setup AIR.