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5 years ago

Configure tape library with 2-port drives

Hi dear all,

I recently zoned a tape library with linux master server. when I am trying to add robot and browse device file there are 2 path for robot. if I select one of them, all drives will add to netbackup with 2 path, is it normal behaviour? need to install any multipating software? 

PS, each drive has 2 port and I zoned both of them to master server. also one drive selected as control path via library console. 



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  • If you have multiple paths to the tape drives, then yes this is normal behaviour.

    NetBackup will only see the appropriate number of drives, and does not support a multi-path driver for tape. It is possible though to support a "failover" path to a drive - if one path goes down, you can reactivate the drive using the other path. 

    This is not a seamless operation, and any in progress tape operations will fail.