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11 years ago

Connectivity required between media server to tape drive

Hi Folks,


We are plan to upgrade one interface on media,master,client on 10G interface to increase the speed of the backup..My doubt is we have connectivity between media server to tape drive using 4G fiber connection...How will increase speed of the backup if we changed 10G connection only on master,media and client..

Any one please explain the process for the backup data flow ?



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  • Depends where/if you've had a bottleneck. The speed will only be as quick as the slowest of:

    The speed the client can read the data (bpbkar)

    The speed the client can transfer the data to the media server (network)

    The speed the media server can write to the storage unit (disk or tape) (bptm)

  • Hi Revaroo,


    Thanks for your reply..So no need to worry for 4G connection between media server to tape drive?

    So we have to consider only conenction between client to media server?No need to worry about media server to tape drive 4G connectivity?

    Please advise if anything is wrong...

  • Susindran,


    I don't think you have anything to worry about, you are not going to get speeds anywhere near Gb/s to a tape drive regardless.


    LTO5 uncompressed speed you are looking at around 140Mb/s maximum possible speed, for example. You probably won't get near to that though.


  • You can also replace 4Gb HBA card to 8/16Gb HBA card. 

    PCI Express also need support 10Gb network or high speed HBA.

  • Use multiple SAN HBA. Instead of using one HBA with either 4 or 8GB speed use multiple SAN HBA. This will boost the aggregated speed to match the 10G Ethernet HBA.