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5 years ago

Copy SLP to new from command line

I was looking into writing a script to manipulate SLPs and I can use nbstl command to do that. However, in some cases it is just easier to copy an SLP to a new one. I couldn't find the equivalent of "Copy to New..." action of the GUI in the command line details of nbstl.

Is there another way to do it via command line?


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  • There doesn't appear to be a documented way to achieve a quick copy of an SLP.  So, instead, maybe you could list an SLP in to output in json format / layout, and then re-read the json file and then use the read entries to feed into a create and modify commands.

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      Yes, that is the only option that seems logical at the moment (without using API - which will likely provide json format too).


  • Please Ignore, i read you didn't find option in GUI. I will see if I can find command line option.