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Creation of Barcode rules / Media ID Generation

I'm actually new to creation of barcode rules. This is with regards to my post about relabelling default media ID A000 to new barcode label on tape. It mentioned, before I do inventory robot on the newly labeled tapes that I have to create barcode rules. The barcode label that will be our new standard is EX. T153B1. This labeling is for our Month-end tape backup. The characters denotes as follows:
T is the name/type of backup
15 is the year identifier
3 is the month (ex. 1 to 0 and A,B as identifier of January to October and November, December)
B is the sequence identifier for backup
1 is the locator/identifier of site (we have four sites 1,2,3,4)

And for our Daily Tape backup is ex. TD1MB1
T is the name/type of backup
D is identifier for daily backup tape
1 is the week set
M is the day of the week from Monday-M, Tuesday-T, Wednesday-W, Thursday-H, Friday-F, Saturday-S to Sunday-U
1 is the locator/identifier of site (we have four sites 1,2,3,4)

Hoping you can give me insight how to basically define in barcode rules. So if its define already, everytime I insert new tape with standard label, it will automatically read when doing inventory?

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  • looks like your barcode is too complex..

    how you will add barcode/what willl be the barcodes  for 100 tapes in the Month of April 2015? for Montly tapes... if requried..?

    or 100 tapes for daily backup Monday?


    barcode rules helps you to allocate the new  tapes in into the respective volume pools at the time of inventory.

    If you dont have the barcode rules all tapes will go to Netbackup volume pool by default.. 

    by defining the volume pools you can simply send those tapes to Scratch pool or respective pools , Monthly or Daily..

    best pracitce is to define the Scratch pool and let netbackup to move them to respective pools at the time of backup..

    if you have dedicated barcode for Montly and Daily.. 

    set barcode for tapes starting with prefix TD and select the respective volume pool.


    see page nubmer 435 , 437 in netbackup 7.6 admin guide 1 for more details

  • @rsakimoto - really... bar codes are for the library, and not for you.

    Some multi-tennant, multi-customer sites like to use different leading identifiers for customers.  e.g.

    CA0001 to CA9999 - where CA is customer A.  But that's about as far as I would take it.

    Personally I wouldn't even identifty tape media labels as being either for daily or weekly or monthly.

    Tape media usage is all about the logical constructs of 'pool' and 'retention' - and best practice is to not tie media usage to the physical attribute which is the media label.  I really think that you need to re-think, and possibly re-read the manual.  To go down the detailed barcode route - simply goes against all the NetBackup tries to do for you.  Three of us are saying... don't do it!


    Oh, maybe also try not to use the 'Annnnn' range, as this usually signifies standalone media.  By all means use it, but be aware that it can sometimes initially be confusing for others.

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