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13 years ago

Cross forest Exchange 2003 backup issue

Hi all.

Setup is a as follows.

Master and media server win 2008R2 Ent, with netbackup Ent 7.0.1 loaded

Im trying to backup an cross forest Exchange 2003 cluster server. There is a working trust between the two domains, and I have given my backup user "Full Exchange ADmin" access. Services starts with the local user on the exchange server. I can see the Mailbox and Public folders but cannot see the Inform ation stores. The error on the Public and Mailbox directives is error 71, and if i add information store it gives an error 96. I have tested connectivity with bptestbpcd as well as bpclntcmd -IP and -hn  and both resolves.. I have added the master and media servers to the host file on windows but the IS is still not availble

I need help with this one.

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  • 1st make sure your file level backup working for All Exchange host (with in forest)

    "Services starts with the local user on the exchange server."  -- Remove local admin & configure with Domain Admin or Ent. Admin access. 

    " add information store it gives an error 96." -- this is different issue. 1st we need to focus on connectivity on All Exchange host with in forest.