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16 years ago

"database system error" when trying to use bpexpdate

I've noticed that I'm getting extraordinarily high media usage from our 6.5 installation.  Upon further investigation, it looks like I've got a lot of media that is being mounted, but not used, since there are zero images on them.  I'm trying to expire these media so I can reassign them to our scratch pool, but when I try to run this command:


bpexpdate -force -d 0 -m {label}


I get this message:


database system error


I've tried following the direction in this post:, but I was hit with another database error.  Has anyone seen this before, and if so, how did you go about rectifying the problem?


On a related note, does anyone know why my system is mounting the media, assigning it to a volume pool, but then not writing to it?  I've currently got about 25 pieces of media that fit this description.  Thanks!





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  • Is that media's frozen???


    bpexpdate -force -d 0 -m {label} -M master_server


    not sure, check it !

  • it appears the media is frozen.  i'm still getting hit with the 'database system error' when trying to unfreeze it.  here's the output from the verbose.


    <2>bpmedia: INITIATING: version NetBackup 6.5 created: 0
    <8>bpmedia: BPMEDIA: UNFREEZING media id 010351
    <2>bpmedia: database system error
    database system error
    <2>bpmedia: EXIT status = 220

  • Use a -h switch to specify the host that the media is assigned to.  For example, if the media belongs to a host called "nbumedia", run the following:
    C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpmedia -unfreeze -m 220004 -h nbumedia
  • you can try with vmquery -deassignbyid command and then the expiration date this will break any link between the mediaDB and the volDB which is where the missmatch can be.



  • Hi Omar,

    That didn't work.  This command only appears to work for non-NBU media (at least that's what the error message I'm getting is saying).  Even if I'm able to finally deassign this media, do you have any ideas as to what causes this behavior?  We have several tape libraries, and this problem is only occurring on this one.  It's even partitioned in to two distinct libraries, and this problem is only affecting one of the partitions.

  • run bpexpdate -deassignempty and look for an errors or failures.