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3 years ago

Decrease the time to backup a 1.5 TB drive

Hi All,

We have a problem with the one windows drive with more than 1.5 TB of size and we want to lessen the time of backup. We exclude everything that we need to exclude. The accelerator is enable in the policy and the we have 3 schedule by standard. 1 full backup (running every sat), 1 full force full backup (running every sat before the full backup) and the other one is diff incremental backup (6 days a week). We run a full force backup and it takes 25 hours so it coincided with the incremental schedule.

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  • Hi jjimenez2 

    I'd investigate one of two options. 
    First would be to create multiple backup streams, so say 4 backups are running at a time on the drive (the backup selection will need to be crafted to ensure everything is backed up and reasonably balanced - but something along the lines of (this is common practice with large NAS filer backups):


    And ensure that the allow multiple data streams is checked. This assumes that the server can push the data fast enough to support this. 

    The second option would be to investigate Flash backup for Windows. But here you lose the accelerator capability, although using client side dedupe and writing to MSDP can reduce the pain (the server will still have to read the entire drive for each full backup). 

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Dear jjimenez2,
    Backup performance depend on various factors, so please confirm the below for understand the setup.
    Windows server : Physical/VM
    What type of data stored on 1.5TB disk (Files/folders or Database files)?
    Scheduler: 1. Full back up (Running every Sat)
                      2. Full force full backup (every sat before the full backup)
                      3. Diff. incremental (6 days a week)
                 Q: Why run the two Full backup in Sat? It will possible to do it in one Full backup.

    What is type of network connectivity between Media to client (1G/10G)?

    Also try to take the below backup for test:
               1) Same server backup with (Exclude 1.5TB disk) and check the backup time.
               2) Same server backup with (Some selected 2-3 folder from 1.5TB disk) and check the backup time.
               That will understand about issue is with 1.5TB disk or server/network.

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    jjimenez2 more details are needed as mentioned by Yogesh_Patil 

    Please provide details of the backup policy used, type of data being backed up, number of files, average size of files, and storage unit type. This is will give us better information about the environment and help in suggesting ideas about how to improve the time for backup.