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10 years ago

Do I need images on disk stu during upgrade to


I am upgrading from to and I  am replacing disk storage. Do I need to copy images from the old disk storage unit BEFORE upgrade or can they be copied after upgrade ?

I am worried about the Phase1 and Phase 2 catalog conversion processes.

The reason I ask is that I have about 10TB of data on old disk storage unit and only a 1Gb link to copy through, so that means that the system will be down for over a day which I would like to avoid.


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  • what kind of disk storage is this?

    Do I need to copy images from the old disk storage unit BEFORE upgrade or can they be copied after upgrade ?

    Why you want to copy the image, if you want to move the images to some other disk the best approact is to do duplication. You can create new STU for the new disk storage and backups can go to that and you can run duplicate at the same time from old disk to new disk.


  • Create a new disk storage unit - point backup to the new storage unit and let the backups in the old storage expire by time.

    Or are you replacing server hardware ? 

  • I am replacing server hardware , master server (32 to 64bit) and disk bay to which disk STU points to. So the above scenario's concerning manipulating data withing NBU are not an option.

    I need to copy the data to the new hardware. Also old hardware and master server are there for the backout plan.  The question pertains to, do I need to copy disk STU data before conversion process, which is part of the 7.6 install, or will it be OK to copy after install of 7.6.

    My gut feeling is that it needs to be copied before, but in that case what about images on tape which won't be touched. As I don't see the conversion process playing with images on tape.

    Nevertheless you never know. That's why I am asking the question.


  • What type of disk type do you have in Netbackup ?

    Advanced disk, MSDP or a basic disk storage unit ?

  • I have advanced disk.

    If it was MSDP I wouldn't be asking the question. ;o))


    Seems like not too many peoiple have done this and there is little experinece on the subject out there.


    Never mind !

  • I have successfully migrated from (32 bit 2003) to (64 bit 2008 R2) no errors in NBCC.

    Finally copied all data to new disk storage via robocopy, a 24H process. Not sure it was required as an absolute must (for catalog conversion process) before upgradng from to, could have copied afterwards.

    Nevertheless would have had more of a manual cleanup to do for images that had expired in catalog but weren't yet on new disk, but were still on old disk.

    Hope this serves for someone else.