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7 years ago

Does 8.x fix the long standing bug...

where a Media Server is credentialed to another Media Server (for duplication purposes) but is NOT checked under "use these media servers" in Storage Unit definition...but Duplication and/or Restore still attempt to use it?

I have a remote MSDP that I had to credential to my prime Appliance so I could duplicate some backups to that remote site via SLP.  And many of the local (to the Appliance) restore (and duplication) processes started trying to use that remote MSDP as their process Media Server despite it not being checked as a valid server under the Appliance Storage Unit definition.

I've seen this behavior since the Appliances were introduced and I'm wondering if it is finally addressed in 8.x or if I'm stuck with a manual process of add credentials, duplicate manually, remove credentials rather than the convenience of an SLP.



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  • Unfortunately considered to be a 'feature'.

    There used to be a TN explaining the 'feature' and how to force original media server to perform restore, but was for some reason removed/unpublished.

    Fortunately RamNagalla saved a copy of the TN before it was unpublished:

    The 'feature' was described for OST storage, but seems to 'work' for MSDP with multiple credentials as well:

    Restore and duplications from the OpenStorage disk option need not use the same media server that wrote the backup image.  This is by design as NetBackup is trying to use the media server with the least load, in accordance with Media Server Load Balancing strategy. 

    The following steps may be taken to ensure smooth operation for restores and duplications:
    1. In most cases creating this touch file on the master server will force Open storage backups to use the media server that did the backup.
    You may want to contact your local Veritas partner or SE to log a 'request for enhancement'. 
    There should really be an easier way to disable or override the 'load balancing' feature.

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      Thanks Marianne..

      Until I shut down the duplication to the remote sites I "fixed" restores by adding that Media Server to all the clients...ugly and slow but it worked.

      Too bad there isn't one for _DUPLICATION ..that's where things really got nasty.

      Just like "limit number of jobs" doesn't apply to SLPs, the code for "pick the Media Servers you want to use" is already in NetBackup...they just refuse to use it for certain functions.


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      The old TN mentions "Restore and duplications"...

      If the touch file does not help, please log a Support call.
      If the answer is "this is by design", then you will need to log 'request for enhancement ' via your local Veritas SE.
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        I just stumbled upon this TN that may give you more ammunition if you should decide to log a support call:

        A list of point solutions to mitigate the issues with media server selection for OpenStorage disk pools for non-backup jobs.

        This seems to be a VERY old TN (NBU 6.5.6 and 7.0.1) and says the following in the last sentence:

        Work is in progress to improve the media server selection criteria for non-backup jobs.

        Seems very little or nothing has changed in the meantime?

  • Is it a bug or a feature?

    Never seen it for some reason, I have heaps of examples with this set up (credentials enabled, media servers in storage units disabled) and all works as intended.